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Wahoo Wall Basement remodeling panels
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"Heat loss from an uninsulated basement can account for up to one third of the heating cost in an average home." - U.S. Department of Energy Seeing is believing. Watch our video to see how easy basement remodeling is without studs or the mess of drywall. You will save time and money.

Ready-to-Go Basement Remodeling Wall System

Wahoo Walls is the Beautiful Solution to Your Basement Remodeling Needs
Why Our Basement Remodeling Walls Work So Well
Energy & Heat Saving
R11 Insulated Panels
Our Walls Do Not Absorb Water
Breathe Easy - No Mold or Mildew
No Drywall Dust - No Mess
Panels Primed & Ready to Paint
Slides Together Securely
Wiring Channels for Electrical
Durable Attractive Finish
Increases Your Home's Value
Panels Can Hold Heavy Objects

Manufactured in Michigan (MI) - Patent Pending
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No In-Home Visit - No Obligation
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Easy as 1.2.3
1. Install mounting strip
2. Position wall panel
3. Attach panel
Save Money, Add Value,
Create Your Dream Space
Prevent your foundation walls from radiating your heating dollars outdoors. Finish your basement and add value to your home with insulated Wahoo Basement Remodeling Walls. Save money now and on every heating bill to come. Wahoo Walls basement refinishing wall panels give you the freedom to choose your lifestyle makeover project: extra living space, media room, home office, bedroom, home gym, guest suite, laundry room, and even a climate controlled and soundproof garage or workshop.
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